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How can you take good care of yourself after a tough holiday season? What are some tips?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

What often makes this season most special is reflecting on the greatest blessings which you have already received, blessings from the past which nothing or no one can ever take away. One saint was attributed to saying "Memories are the roses in the winters of our lives." Yet the happy memories of the past are much more than warm feelings to help you through difficult moments (though they are). They are meant to become the greatest motivators of all to ensure we are making the best of the present for the sake of a great future, so that even more great memories can be created and contribute to this most positive of cycles.

Therefore, the particular steps are going to look different for each life and within each stage of life. Maybe it's the time to reach out to someone for that longed-for reconciliation. Maybe it's time to map out a course, with actions which have proven successful for others, in improving the quality of your life. If you want to improve your health, have specific, measurable, and achievable steps on how to make that possible. If it's to obtain that one special relationship, take stock of what needs to be improved within yourself and how to go about turning your life towards the direction you seek to take. Whatever it is, have milestones in place with smaller victories which will only build up the motivation and momentum.

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